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1 Working towards a Safe, Friendly and Involved Community Safety Plan : Centenary Park Police Sector 2

2 Vision To sustain safety for all residents in the area Reduce crime levels Establish a residential environment where residents can get to know, support and care for each other in times of need. Build a good relationship with the SAPS. Facilitate the creation of a proactive security service (from a single security service provider) in designated areas.

3 Mission Create a safety and security conscious community. Establish effective crime prevention measures, by implementing property safety and personal safety principals. Establish effective patrol/buddy system amongst residents. Establish effective means of communication – websites, newsletters, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and radio communication. Involve community members in environmental projects and create a sense of pride amongst the residents. Involve and care for the elderly and sick residents in the community.

4 Precinct Map

5 Sector Profiles Sector 2

6 Community Safety Initiatives Community patrols Community websites Radio Buddy system WhatsApp groups Facebook pages Information boards Community news letters Youth Desk Community calendars Community monthly meetings Suppliers list Community control rooms CCTV Cameras & Cameras Weekly meeting with SAPS, METRO, councilors, school representatives and all security companies. Dedicated “Community Managed Security” areas

7 Background : There are more than 3 security companies offering a reactive response service with very little or no impact on crime levels – Crime escalates. Various neighbourhoods started experimenting with different models and strategies to try to reduce crime levels and keep their families safe. These included : o Involve all security service providers present in the area o Concentrate on volunteer patrols only o Close off the neighbourhood (or even part of a neighbourhood) with guards at the boom gate and guard patrols o Appoint a single security service provider in a designated area to deliver a proactive service and manage them with Service Level Agreements

8 A Proactive Approach 24/7 patrolling Dedicated Patrol Vehicles supplied by the preferred security service provider Permanent patrol officers who know the area, and is known and trusted by the residents. Security officers are approved by community and should stay in the area as long as possible. Reaction time of less than 3 minutes. Direct cell phone or radio contact with the patrol vehicles. Escorting clients to their home whenever it is required. The company must comply to all PSIRA regulations. A good partnership with the management of the company. At least a 2 monthly meeting with managers of all departments in the company, finance, technical, operational, general manager, etc. The community should also have a good relationship with the police station. Get to know the sector patrollers, the other members of the station, the station commander. Community should be part of the CPF.

9 The Dedicated Community Managed Security model proves to be the most successful strategy as it delivers a holistic proactive approach to crime prevention. After many years of hard work in various communities within the Garsfontein precinct, the Dedicated Community Managed Security model contributed to success of Garsfontein SAPS as it was appointed several times as the Best SAPS station in the country with regards to Crime Prevention.

10 Challenges with the Proactive Model It is more costly – service provider vehicles patrol 24/7 – but with the more residents joining this service, the cheaper it becomes. Smaller companies “infiltrate” designated areas asking a much lower fee – obviously not doing the 24/7 patrolling BUT benefiting from the lower crime level due to the proactive patrolling. o Their overhead costs are much lower as it is a only reactive service. o They do not have to incur the costs for dedicated patrol vehicles o They do not share crime intel as it is benefitting their competition o They “divide the cake” and weaken the system ensuring that no- one is sustainable nor profitable In essence, they destroy the success what has been build by many people and volunteers including dedicated security companies and the SAPS

11 It is all about the Proactive Model Some of the smaller companies do have good patrol officers but unfortunately, the high crime rates have become an opportunity to make money – NOT TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY The model is not against free market principles – Actually to make the model work, the selected company must make a profit or else the company will not be sustainable. Residents signing up with the smaller companies do that in their individual capacity and looses the benefit of the initiative’s consumer group bargaining power and SLA management. If any security company puts the safety of the residents of any community at risk, then SAPS and the community should be able to take steps to ensure that those structures that works, will not be broken down

12 Community Projects Crime prevention projects: Operations with SAPS will be held at hot spot areas. Vehicle safety projects: Vehicle related crimes are high in some areas. An awareness campaign will be launched with the help of the community and the police. Self defense Courses Crime scene management training Domestic and Gardener training against crime Family fun days Christmas lights competition. Christmas market Recognition evening: To give recognition to all community members and security officers, SAPS, for the work they did. Care group: Help those in need Trauma centre situated at the Phoenix police station. Pink tree month/Cancer awareness Caring for animals: ‘My best friend’ WhatsApp groups. For4paws group

13 Community Emergency Plan Exists for some neighbourhoods Generic plan under development for whole precinct Includes Disaster Management and Evacuation plan Includes Communication Plan. Covid is becoming a national disaster. Our community is not untouched.

14 Community Upliftment Projects Elderly care: Volunteers take elderly and sick people to hospitals, doctors and shops. Waste Recycling Bird watching groups Garden/Sidewalk competition Indigenous gardens Upgrading and maintenance of parks, green areas.

15 Centenary Park CPF Values That all people in our community should be treated with respect, regardless of age, race or gender. We believe that the fight against crime can be won through well established community/police partnerships We believe in a safe, friendly, and involved community. We believe in God and that through Him all things are possible!