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Welcome to your site! Stay safe during these trying times.

We are making great progress towards realising our CCTV project. Thank you to all who have contributed towards the capital cost. Keep up your kind contributions to uplifting our neighbourhood.

Stonebridge Drive continues to be an eyesore with dirt strewn at every corner YET political posters requesting votes on the light poles occur just above this very dirt. Visit other areas and you will see an amazing difference where residents demand accountability and service delivery. Make it an imperative to ask for accountability and the cleaning of Stonebridge drive before you make your mark on a ballot paper. Make your voice count. Keep your neighbourhood clean.

Take photos and send emails to francois@dasisonke.co.za demanding assistance and asking why our ward is in such a bad state of affairs. Streetlights are not working on Ranmoor, Bush Road and Stonebridge. Its a deteriorating situation.

Send watsapp messages and pics as you drive by Stonebridge to the Head of DA KZN, Francois Rodgers 082 557 6760

Tag this in hashtags, #whereareourstreetsweepers #servicedelivery

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Centenary Park Residents NPC  (Ward 48)   

2020/478219/08 (Registered with CIPC)

Check in regularly for Centenary Park Updates.

Emergency Details PDF

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Stay safe during these Covid times.

Always maintain social distance of 2m where practical.

Always wear a mask.

Wash hands with soap singing happy birthday twice and disinfect with a suitable disinfectant 70% alcohol or more.

Stay at home and stay alive. Read a good book on personal mastery.


An Letter from my friend Robin Sharma including —The War Measures Manual

Frustration is the child of stagnation.

We are most alive when we are making progress [even micro-progress] in the direction of ideals that excite us.

Our spirits take flight when we stand steadfast along the path of the mighty mission and heroic ideals that call out the finest within us.

And when we exercise our native creativity to make things that help others, push our craft to the jagged edges of its farthest limits and lean into what frightens us.

It’s an interesting time we live in Suresh…

…a pandemic ravages lives, businesses and economies.

…social injustices that have been going on for far too long are causing deep upheaval as we are weary of seeing our brothers and sisters mistreated.

…social media addicts us, providing an escape from a tumultuous reality.

…uncertainty and volatility overwhelms many of us.

And yet there is a beautiful solution to all of this…

…retreat from the world (at least more often) and find that place of creativity, courage and serenity that sits at the root of every human soul. [I’ve been spending more time in silence, prayer and contemplation than ever before].

…reorder your days to clear out complexity, remove toxic negativity and release all mediocrity. You become your ecosystem. Purify your environment and your positivity and performance will rise. I’m writing a lot about this in my new book which is now on round #8 of refining. I’m doing my best to get it to you as soon as I can.

…remove the resistance to standing on the fires of the discomfort that is—in truth—nothing more than your growth coming to get you.

Life’s just too short to get caught up in the frustration of living each day in the same way—with no real creative fire, personal inspiration and authentic productivity.

Please don’t live the same week five thousand times and call it a life.

Three quick suggestions for you:

1. Learn my new Trinity of Vitality Model to multiply your energy and stamina. For now, I’ll simply suggest that you explore intermittent fasting, become a sleep expert so you recover better, delete sugar from your diet and get serious about home cooking [so you’re not polluting your body with processed goods]. Food is medicine. Your nutrition and hydration affect your energy, mood and productivity. So dial it in well.

2. Do a Personal Progress Inventory where you list all the ways you’ve advanced over the past 7 months of 2020, from your craft and any business wins to the human growth you’ve earned. This will create confidence as well as momentum. Even in the upheaval that is this year, you can find a ton of tiny triumphs to celebrate. And the more you actively cherish your progress, the more you’ll turn adversity into precious opportunity.

3. Turn off all notifications on your phone as the distraction and interruption they generate is costing you a fortune. I also recommend that you turn off your phone at 8PM each night and ease into an excellent pre-sleep routine. And read the news just once a week. Its job is to scare and addict you versus to introduce you to all the good things happening. And unfolding.

It looks like the second waves and “re-lockdowns” will happen for a while.

All the closures will likely create The Mother of All Recessions. Or what some economists are calling The Greater Depression.

I get that it’s easy to worry and fret about the future.

Yet I must enthusiastically share that what makes us human is our ability to invent. And to endure. And to overcome.

I pray you will leverage this season to reaccess the bigness, honour, kindness and strength that I know is you at your best.

It’s the best time I’ve ever known to build your most exceptional you. And to upgrade your skills. And to lead your field.

This is a fine stage to x10 your dedication to personal mastery. And to lean out expenses. And to reorder your priorities. And to build an even better business. That moves quicker and serves more people.

I am bullish on the future. I am on fire to help you make this surprising time the greatest time of your life (yet). And I am here to encourage your ideals.

Hope all this helps you Suresh.

Better days are coming. Use this stormy season to grow, strengthen and serve.

Love + respect,


Our Plans

  • Centenary Park Residents Webpage is designed to highlight service delivery and crime related issues facing the community
  • We also plan for Safety and Security – Community Safety Plan – CSP
  • We plan for our Community Development – Community Development Plan and Cleaner Neighbourhood – CDP
  • We host a Community Disaster Management Plan – CDMP
  • We show the contributing residents our finances
  • We host our surveys
  • We provide members essential services like plumbing, electrical, security, gate motor repairman, building and handyman services that are referenced

We wish to address issues relating to the current reactive security model….security companies sitting under trees in their vehicles and reacting to crime at the one place the criminal is no longer at. We require a proactive patrolling solution.

We wish to join any incongruency between the Political Wards, the Police Precincts and Sectors and Metro Police Wards

Community Safety Plan Covid Response Book to keep our community safe

SISTER City Safety Plan: Draft_Wollongong_Community_Safety_Plan_2016_-_2020

Our Plan for Centenary Park Inner Perimeter Simple Project Proposal (4) v1.2

Excellent Read for CPF and Security Related Info KZN CPF Pocket Guide

with Bill of Rights and South African Police Services Act empowering us as a community

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Yellowwood Park Home Owner Defends Against Brick-Wielding Robbers

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Bylaws applicable for the citizens of Centenary Park.

Welcome to the Resource Page of Centenary Park Residents Residents Living adjacent to the Park Waste Removal By-law 2016 [Commencement Date 26 February 2017] Municipal Parks and Recreation Grounds Bylaw Commencement Date 12 April 2016 Parks and Recreational Grounds Nuisances By-law Commencement Date 11 March 2016 Parks and Recreational Grounds Municipal Parks and Recreation Grounds …


The audit team is made up of Jenny Haridas and Nelson Appalsamy.

Residential committee members include Thagan Pillay, Rennie Naicker, Dillin Gramani, Rivash Persad, Satish Gunpath

Ricardo Singh is street champion on Ranmoor Crescent East

Ridgegate champions include Vees and Sathish Daya

Other champions, Kapil Haripersad is chair of the park committee

Ranmoor West is Rivash Persad and Rennie Naicker, Goldwell and Eastwood, Khalik Limalia

Benny Maistry is our CPF Chairman

All street champions are highly respected residents of the community

Our Local Ward Councillor is Michelle Lutchmen 061 323 5543 and SAPS sector commander is Captain Mungaroo 083 787 2287

The webmaster is Suresh Dwarika – ceo@saifa.org.za  061 480 9685

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Emergency Details PDF Police Fire Ambulance